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Santa Fe, NM custom living room builder

LIVING ROOMS are a key feature to any home. For many of us who are currently spending our holidays visiting family or staying a home, living rooms are key for entertaining.

Making use of natural materials, patterns of light and space, Zachary and Sons has an extensive portfolio of creating custom living room designs in Santa Fe, NM. Formal or informal,  browse various styles of custom living rooms Zachary and Sons have built over the years. Contact us today to learn more.


Santa Fe, NM custom dining room builder

Today we browse custom DINING ROOMS. While we all hope to be using our dining rooms much more in 2021, the inspiration for improvements and additions are a great first step. Browse various styles of custom dining rooms Zachary and Sons have built over the years.

If you're interested in learning more about building a home in Santa Fe, learn more about the neighborhoods, the Santa Fe lifestyle, as well as the benefits of building a custom home with Zachary and Sons by tapping the link within our bio.  

Santa Fe, NM custom dining room builder

The benefit of a custom home? Let’s start with the KITCHEN of your dreams. The perfect place to cook your favorite meals, extra space for dining, and a great place to socialize for group gatherings.

While the importance of kitchen space may be increasing, Zachary and Sons can help develop your kitchen area to match your families needs. Need the perfect kitchen islands? Custom countertops and woodwork have been cornerstones in the craftsmanship put into every kitchen island by Zachary and Sons Homes. Browse various styles from some of our favorites!  Browse various styles of custom kitchens Zachary and Sons have built spanning decades.

Santa Fe, NM custom patio room builder

Finding the right area to build a home is critical to creating a dream patio surrounded by nature.

Some of our best PATIOS in homes built near town and within the beautiful nature that surrounds Santa Fe. View More Photos of Exteriors of Zachary and Sons Homes.

Santa Fe, NM custom bathroom builder

Custom bathtubs are essential to completing the perfect custom BATHROOM for your Master Bedroom.

Zachary and Son’s Custom Homes always include several creative ways to relax inside and out. Browse a variety of bathtub as well as BATHROOMS styles Zachary and Sons have added over the years

Santa Fe, NM custom master bedroom builder

The MASTER BEDROOM is one of the most important areas of a home. It's where we sleep, where we relax, and where we can peacefully retreat from daily distractions.

With every home, Zachary and Son’s aim to provide a unique environment for every master bedroom created. Every bedroom includes a master bathroom providing a spa-like feel throughout.

Santa Fe, NM custom dining room builder

KITCHEN ISLANDS,  both beautiful and functional. Providing extra space for entertaining, creating, and serving our favorite meals.

While dining rooms are becoming less functional, kitchens with the right size of custom kitchen island can accommodate all of your needs for daily use, as well as weekend entertaining.

Santa Fe, NM custom dining room builder

CUSTOM FIREPLACES are key to staying warm in the winter while saving costs and being eco-friendly.

Zachary and Sons have built many fireplaces, indoor and outdoor, adding ambiance to any environment. Custom materials and craftsmanship make many fireplaces a centerpiece of many of the homes built by Zachary and Sons over the past six generations. Browse more below

Santa Fe, NM custom vigas builder

VIGAS When it comes to Southwestern decor, VIGAS are a prominent feature of adobe style homes.

Having visual appeal when you look in any direction is key. Vigas provide a unique element to any living space. Here's a few of our favorite builds. Dark, light, colored or unfinished, browse some of our best shots of vigas and exposed beams below. Have a favorite? We’d love to hear your comments! Browse more styles from some of our favorite photos of VIGAS over the past few decades on below.

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