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parade of homes 2022


Come view the latest homes by Zachary and Sons in this years 2022 SFAHBA Parade of Homes


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About the Parade of Homes

Involvement and What to Look Forward to This Year

The Santa Fe Parade of Homes is probably the premier event for any home builder, interior designer or architect working in Santa Fe to showcase their work. It's an event where builders enter a home, and at its height, the event had around 40 homes.

Santa Fe is such an art town. We have big art events like the Spanish Market and Indian market. The Parade of Homes is really a builder's chance to show off the work of the amazing artisans that work within the home building industry. It's amazing to see the plasterers, the trim carpenters and the stone masons, along with the interior designers and architects.

The event is two weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in August each year. The second weekend falls in the Indian market weekend, and so folks coming into town viewing art can go explore, and visit homes throughout Santa Fe. The event is open to the public, and a juried competition amongst the builders. There are awards given between the two weekends. Zachary and Sons have won the Grand Hacienda Award (which is the best in show), along with categories for, best kitchen, best interior space, best outdoor living, best master suite, and best craftsmanship- which as a builder, one of the most coveted builder awards.

We work with very unique craftsmen, and it's an opportunity for them to show off their work. It's a collaboration. Each home that's in the Parade is a collaborative piece of individuals that worked on the project. And it's a great way for builders to promote. It's also a great opportunity for the public to get ideas, to take pictures, to talk to builders, and talk to craftsmen that are at the homes. Ideas like, ‘Hey, this would be a great kitchen idea!’ or ‘this would be great tile!’, or ,’we love the flooring’. Just a great opportunity to talk face-to-face with some of the professionals. The public may be interested. It's not always building a new home. Maybe it's renovating a home, or it's a kitchen, or bathroom remodel. So it's a chance to learn more, to get inside, feel, touch, and smell. Using all the senses that we have to get to understand and to enjoy the experience.


About the Home Entered in This Parade of Homes this year

This year we are entering a home that was started when a beautiful couple from Houston, Texas approached us to design and build a home. We put together a team, and that team consists of Lorn Tryk and Annie O’ Caroll. Lorn Tryk is the architect, a car interior designer, and just a wonderful person to work with. Annie O’ Caroll, who has a beautiful eye for interior design, worked very closely with us and the client to really put the pen to the paper to really bring this home to life. I think interior design is so important. It's how we live inside the home spatially and aesthetically. She's also furnishing the home as well, and she's done an excellent job of attention to detail.

She's one of the best in the community, and a joy to work with. She's been here for around 30 years, and we've had the opportunity to work with her several times. The home we entered in this years Parade of Homes in particular, we were thinking a lot about how the mood. What is this house? Is it an Adobe Pueblo? Is it a modern home? It wasn't really any of those. It was little pieces of Adobe Santa Fe, pieces of modern, but also some rustic. A lot of stone work within the outside of the home, and carries on inside. We have labeled this home 'The Santa Fe Rustic Modern’.

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