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When people ask us, “what makes Zachary & Sons Homes different from other builders?” we answer, “Tradition.” Our family has been building homes for six generations so quality construction is in our blood.
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building in Santa Fe, NM in the downtown area

Building in Santa Fe

Building in Santa Fe offers our clients the perfect opportunity to craft a custom home that blends tradition with modern elegance. As the oldest capital in the United States, Santa Fe presents us with unlimited inspirations for design. Whether it is the rich and warm palate of the Native American pueblos, the stunning austerity of the desert landscape, or the detailed tile work of the Mexican and Spanish artisans, Zachary & Sons creatively capture the feel of Santa Fe while tailoring every project to fit our client’s vision.

Josh Shultz project manager of Zachary and Sons Home building

Josh Shultz

Project Manager

Josh Shultz is one of our project managers and works with Zachary on the day to day operations of Zachary and sons. From coordinating with sub-contractors, vendors, architects, and homeowners, Josh is involved on every level of the company and home completion. Josh has a Bachelors Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University. Since graduating in 2013, has worked for Zachary for over seven years. The family structure of Zachary and Sons is integral to Josh and the company and approaching each project as a family has allowed them to train and be successful in completing luxury custom homes. Josh loves spending time with his family, hiking in the mountains, and skiing at Ski Santa Fe in the winter.

Aaron Shultz general contractor in Santa Fe, NM Zachary and Sons custom homes

Aaron Shultz

General Contractor

Aaron Shultz is our General Contractor and Jobsite Forman that oversees homes from beginning to end. Many projects require intricate levels of detail, and Aaron works to ensure that the homeowners will have a perfect home to move into. Aaron keeps clear communication between interior designers, sub-vendors, and contractors to keep on deadlines, and also keeps owners informed on every step and completion in the homes. Having a cohesive team at Zachary and Sons has allowed Aaron to manage multiple projects at a time, and loves the family business dynamic. Aaron has over 10 years of construction experience and has completed over 11 homes in Santa Fe. Aaron is also a Santa Fe native who enjoys skiing when there’s snow, and hiking the Sangre De Cristos.

Office Manager Merry Steward of Zak and Sons home building services

Merry Stewart

Office Manager

The glue that holds the office together is Merry Stewart, our office manager. Merry keeps the company’s communication clear and precise. From ordering and having home products delivered, she also organizes meetings between homeowners, project managers, and sub-vendors. Her construction experience goes all the way back to her first job out of high school and has worked with homebuilders and marble fabricators for decades. You can find Merry on the weekends driving her signature white convertible around town, gardening, and tanning by the pool.

Jesse Fernandez project manager of luxury homes in Santa Fe, NM

Jesse Fernandez

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Jesse Fernandez oversees the day to day construction of a home from the foundation, to moving the homeowners in. At Zachary and Sons, Jesse works to ensure all subcontractors and vendors are coordinated with each other and guarantees that homeowners’ dreams come true. With over 30 years of construction experience, his passion is in completing custom homes and has loved working on Santa Fe style and contemporary builds. Jesse lives in Espanola, and in his time off enjoys hiking and skiing in the wintertime.

Handy man in Santa Fe, NM Carlos Siglia construction specialist.

Carlos Siglia

Handy Man

Carlos Siglia is the man who can do it all. As a handyman for Zachary and Sons, you can find Carlos working on almost every home in construction. From laying tile to painting, Carlos’s 50 years of construction experience has ensured every task for Zachary and Sons is completed to perfection. On the weekends, you can find Carlos fishing and enjoying all of the outdoors Santa Fe has to offer.

Kyle Novellio project manager of million dollar listings in Santa Fe, NM

Kyle Novellio

Project Manager

Kyle Novellio moved from Saratoga Springs, NY to Santa Fe and has been working as a Project Manager for Zachary and Sons. Kyle works to know the home from the inside out and collaborates with teams of experts in Santa Fe and the homeowners to ensure the owners are getting exactly what they want for their dream homes. Kyle works to communicate with subcontractors and vendors to complete tasks in a timely manner and adherence to strict deadlines. Kyle spent over three years in the Army Infantry and completed a tour in Afghanistan, where he learned to be adaptable to every situation and to ensure the teamwork comes above all else. During his time off, you can find Kyle hiking in the mountains or skiing down them in the winter.

Morgan Antonez executive assistant of Zachary and Sons Custom Home building services

Morgan Antonez

Executive Assistant

Our Executive Assistant is Morgan Antonez, who helps keep the office running and projects organized. From running errands to organizing meetings and schedules, she does it all to ensure our business is maintained properly. Morgan comes to us with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and International Studies from American University and will be pursuing a Master’s degree in 2021. Morgan occasionally takes time off to work on film and television productions all around New Mexico as a production assistant, and on the weekends can be found at local coffee shops and farmers’ markets, as well as skiing at Taos in the winter.

Project manager of construction at Zachary and Sons Jorge Ramirez

Jorge Ramirez

Project Manager

Jorge Ramiez is a Project Manager for Zachary and Sons and comes to us with over 30 years of construction experience. Learning from his family, Jorge learned every facet of home construction and knows the importance of communication in this field. Jorge ensures sub-contractors and vendors work in a cohesive team to meet deadlines. He keeps homeowners updated on all completions or complications in the projects, and loves seeing homeowners living in their dream homes. On the weekends, you can find Jorge fishing, dancing to country music, and playing in tournament poker. Jorge also loves to travel and hopes that his next destination will be Ecuador.


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custom home building on Corazon street in Santa Fe, NM


custom home building on Centro street in Santa Fe, NM


custom home building on Centro street in Santa Fe, NM


custom home building on Estancia street in Santa Fe, NM


custom home building on Delgado street in Santa Fe, NM


custom home building on Palomita street in Santa Fe, NM


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Santa Fe Modern

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Santa Fe modern homes in New Mexico

Ideally situated on the 18th holes of New Mexico’s top-rated Sunrise and Sunset Golf courses, this modern interpretation of a Santa Fe courtyard style home is every golfer’s wish come true. Clean lines and bold glass are complimented by warm colors and hints of rustic adobe style, giving this home the Zachary & Sons feel we are known for.

Desert Modern

View Home

modern home building in the desert of New Mexico

Clients collaborated with Z&S to create a Mid-Century modern inspired home for their family. Naturally stained woods and big glass capture the views of the mountains.

New Projects

View Projects

Work experience is essential for getting a job. Whether it's a short work placement or a longer internship, work experience is always viewed favourably by employers and can help you decide your future career.

At Home in the Mountains

View Home

home in the mountains away from the city in Santa Fe, NM

Z&S built this “soft Santa Fe”-style mountain home with brick flooring, plaster walls, and beautiful beams for a couple from Dallas, TX. This home boasts astounding sunset views that were hard to picture when our team first set foot on the rocky, undulating lot. Z&S has built over 20 homes in the Santa Fe Mountains, expertly negotiating the most challenging foundation work Santa Fe has to offer.

Santa Fe Chic

View Home

find your casa de corazon in the southwest

This minimalist design features sharp lines, walnut wood flooring, and diamond plastered walls. Expertly placed skylights and big windows fill this home with natural light and generous windows capture the breathtaking New Mexico landscape.

Golfer’s Refuge

View Home

custom homes close to the golf course in Santa Fe, NM at Las Campanas

This Z&S home was designed for the avid golfer, located in Las Campanas, in the Club Casitas Neighborhood. Handmade artisan tiles inspired this client from Austin, TX to get creative throughout her home. Our favorite feature of this home is the spa-like master bathroom.

Santa Fe Transitional

View Home

downtown custom homes in Santa Fe, NM

A truly artisan home in the cozy downtown area of New Mexico’s capital, this Transitional home encompasses everything we love about the Santa Fe style. From the walnut floors, to the round vigas and clear story windows, this home provides the art-loving owners abundant natural light, clean plaster walls and simple but quality accents to complement their collection. Our favorite aspect has to be the jaw-dropping handmade front door.

New Home! In Progress

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unfinished homes in Santa Fe, NM

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