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Santa Fe NM New Construction

Santa Fe NM New Construction

Santa Fe, New Mexico, the oldest capital in the United States is known for its art, great food, culture, and sense of place. This brings a lot of people to The City Different.

 New Construction in Santa Fe, NM

A place that has beautiful sunset skies, known artists like Georgia O’Keeffe spent a lot of time painting and experiencing the great Southwest. Because New Mexico and Santa Fe offers such vast landscapes and sunsets, it has really drawn a large group of people to Santa Fe, and new construction is on the rise. Architecture in the sense of traditional modern and now what we call transitional architecture, a blend of the old and the new have really become hot tickets and really staples for what makes a Zachary and Sons’ home special.

Best Places for New Construction Santa Fe, NM 2024

Areas like Las Campanas, Monte Sereno, Tesuque and Sierra del Norte, Cerros Colorados, and areas near the ski basin have really brought a lot of demand, and people moving here have really gotten the sense of what it means to be a Santa Fean. New construction in Santa Fe offers so much more than just a house. It can offer land, space, and one can become one with nature, and also one with the culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. New construction is one of Zachary and Sons’ staples, and also one of Santa Fe’s greatest tastes. It’s really remarkable to see the demand that new construction is bringing to the city, and how the city has adjusted to meet the demand.

What’s interesting also is the green styles of building that are starting to take place and becoming norm and code within The City Different. Things like water catchment systems, highly-insulated homes, and solar are some of the ways that make Zachary and Sons different from other builders.

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