Zachary and Sons


The automation of this home is really spectacular. This house has features that I personally have never seen before.

Upon entering the home, there’s a touchpad that directs you to turn on all of the lights in the home with the push of a button. When you exit the house, all the lights can turn off with the push of a button.

It also has a fully integrated security sound system. You can listen to music while you’re hanging out in your bedroom or while you’re in the den. 

The living room, and kitchen, are all separately zoned. In this home, we put automatic shades for all the large windows in the house. All are part of the automated system in the house.

While you’re walking through the Parade of Homes in 2023, you’ll not see any switches or switch banks in this house.

They’re all a series of buttons that operate certain things throughout the house and also different settings for moods. For example, if you were having an entertaining party and you wanted the lights dimmed throughout the house, a push of a button could do that. If you wanted to watch a movie in the den, a push of the button would turn off all the lights, the TV, etc. 

You can tailor your lighting system to meet your individual needs. It’s like the house is a part of you and you are a part of this house.