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Parade of Homes 2024 Guide

Optimizing Your Santa Fe Parade of Homes Experience

Event Schedule and Logistics

All Homes Open Simultaneously: During the Parade of Homes, all participating homes are open at the same time. This allows you to plan your day based on convenience and interest.

Priority Visits


Casa de Delgado: Start your day early at Casa de Delgado before the Canyon Road area becomes crowded. Consider parking at the nearby Acequia Madre School parking lot, if available, to avoid congestion.


Monte Sereno: Visit our Monte Sereno home later in the day. Afterward, enjoy a meal or drink at the Tesuque Village Market or the Four Seasons, which are just a short drive away

Parking Tips: During Indian Market, parking can be particularly challenging. Plan to walk to Casa de Delgado from your parking spot to avoid losing your place.

Maximizing Your Experience

Combine Events

  • Indian Market and Parade of Homes: If you’re attending the Indian Market, take a break by visiting Casa de Delgado. It’s a short walk away and provides a peaceful respite from the market crowds. You can grab a coffee and a scone at the nearby café on Garcia Street.
  • Opera and Parade of Homes: For those attending the Santa Fe Opera, spend your day exploring the Parade of Homes. The first weekend of the event aligns perfectly with opera season, allowing you to enjoy both experiences.

Weekend Itinerary

  • First Weekend: Dedicate Friday to the Parade of Homes to get a head start before Indian Market begins on Saturday. Spend Saturday and Sunday morning at Indian Market, and explore more homes in the afternoons.
  • Second Weekend: Alternate your days between Indian Market and Parade of Homes to make the most of your visit. For example, attend Indian Market in the morning and visit homes in the afternoon.

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Additional Tips

Explore Local Attractions: Each neighborhood offers unique attractions. For instance, after visiting our home in Monte Sereno, take a scenic drive through Tesuque and visit the village market or the Four Seasons terrace.

Enjoy the Diversity: The Parade of Homes showcases a variety of architectural styles, from traditional Pueblo adobe to modern contemporary homes. This diversity allows visitors to see the full spectrum of Santa Fe’s unique architectural landscape.

Get Inspired: Even if you’re not looking to build or buy a home, the Parade of Homes is a great source of inspiration. You’ll find ideas for interior design, landscaping, and home renovations that you can incorporate into your own home.


The Santa Fe Parade of Homes is an event that offers more than just a tour of beautiful homes; it provides a complete cultural and architectural experience. By planning your visit around local events and attractions, you can create a memorable and enjoyable day in Santa Fe. Whether you’re exploring the historic charm of Casa de Delgado or the contemporary elegance of Monte Sereno, Zachary and Sons Homes offers a glimpse into the best of Santa Fe living. Enjoy your visit, and be inspired by the craftsmanship and creativity on display.

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