Zachary and Sons

Outdoor Living Spaces

The outdoor living is quite amazing in the sense that we have multiple areas of living space, and portals (or porches). The use of fire and water are two elements that are extremely important when enjoying this home. Especially within the outdoor dining space, where we are greeted with a fountain, the sound of water and a visual art piece. What is its function? A fire pit that can be an enjoyable place to sit and relax.

I think Serquis + Associates did a great job designing the outdoor spaces. And so out of every window in this house, you’re looking into nature. 

You’re looking into something that you can see and almost want to just go out and touch. The windows by Marvin really accommodate the feeling of nature as you look through when you’re outside. As you look from outside to inside, you can almost look through the home and see more nature.

 It’s one of, if not the top features  of this home in the outdoor living spaces.