Zachary and Sons

Sendero has many fire features as well as heaters to help provide ambiance as well as warmth year round.

The house is equipped with Matic brand porch heaters that can be turned on in the evening when it’s cool and really allows for year-round use. The heaters are integrated into the ceiling,  so you don’t really notice them above. They are really important for outdoor living, being at the top as one of the most important areas of living in the house, the ability to actually use it in the fall and winter while you’re entertaining. 3 Sendero Centro is an entertainer’s home. It’s meant to be a place for people to gather and to explore and discover all of the features that this home has to offer. 




Outdoor Living Space


WOW! Standing on top of the roof deck here at Sendero Centro, and what an amazing 360 degree view of nature. The Sangre Crystal Mountains to the east, and you see the Jemez Mountains to the North and west. But I think one of the most dramatic features and views of this roof deck is the lake on the 18th hole of Las Campanas golf course. Both the Sunset and Sunrise- just a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine to sit back, and just relax and take in the landscape of Santa Fe.

The calmness that you feel when you’re up here is truly one of a kind. A hidden gem as part of the amazing features here at 3 Sendero Centro has to offer. Come visit this weekend starting this Friday 10am-4pm!