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Canyon Road Walking Tours

What are Your Top Picks For a Day Trip on Canyon Road?

Exploring the Scenic Walks Around Canyon Road

1. Riverside Promenade: A Tranquil Stroll Along the Santa Fe River

Discover the beauty of Santa Fe’s natural landscape with a leisurely walk along the riverfront. Start your journey near the Compound Restaurant and follow the path as it winds alongside the Santa Fe River, offering serene views and a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Historic Haunts and Cultural Landmarks

As you wander along East Palace, immerse yourself in the rich history of Santa Fe with stops at notable landmarks like La Posada. Explore the historic house that the hotel was built around, known affectionately as the “Haunted House,” and delve into its intriguing stories and legends.

3. Cultural Exploration Through Side Streets

Venture off the beaten path and explore the side streets branching off from East Palace. Wander down Camino Escondido or Delgado to discover hidden gems tucked away amidst Santa Fe’s vibrant neighborhoods, each offering a glimpse into the city’s unique character and charm.

4. Living History Along Palace Avenue

Experience the dynamic blend of past and present as you stroll along Palace Avenue, where historic homes coexist with modern-day amenities. Witness the ongoing vitality of Santa Fe’s historic district, where residents continue to live and work, preserving the city’s cultural heritage for generations to come.

5. Hidden Trails and Secret Pathways

Uncover the lesser-known trails and pathways that meander through Santa Fe’s picturesque landscape. From the little trail down from Canyon Road to the riverside walkway near the Compound, these hidden gems offer opportunities for exploration and adventure, inviting visitors to experience the magic of Santa Fe’s outdoor beauty.

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