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historic remodeled exterior

Miles Conway  (00:11):

Good morning, Santa Fe it’s Miles Conway with the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association. We are still, and again on the remodelers showcase road trip we’re back in Santa Fe today, we’re in a very historic part of Santa Fe today to visit this whole home remodel completed by Zachary and Sons. And I’m joined today by Josh Shultz. One of the multi-generational members of the Shultz family of Zachary and Sons builders. So before we get started with you telling us about Zachary and Sons, everybody knows there’s a little bit of a skilled labor shortage in Santa Fe in Northern New Mexico. We need more craftsmen and Josh has some very young kids and just had another baby. So today I’m really glad I know you want a child to have a childhood and to play, but we need builders. And so we have this very tiny tool belt. So, congratulations, Josh.


historic remodeled living room

Miles Conway  (01:13):

So Josh, just tell us a little bit, as we get started about Zachary and Sons, what makes it special? Tell us a little bit about the business.

Josh Shultz (01:32):

Sure, sure.  Zachary and Sons is a sixth generation family business here in Santa Fe. We are, we’ll be celebrating our 30 year this year. You could say that building homes is in our DNA for sure. And we have mostly been known for building new home construction, but we’re excited, really excited to show you what we can do as far as remodeling and just really excited to enter this into the Remodeler Showcase.

Miles Conway  (02:05):

Right on. So we’re gonna go inside and take a look at this show you around a little bit Remodeler Showcase,  Remodelsantafe.Com. So come on inside and let’s have a look. Wow. So now we’ve come inside this home that began being built in the 1930’s. Beautiful historic home, low ceilings and tell us what you did in this home. 

Josh Shultz (02:42):

Right? So this home was purchased by the homeowners who are from Seattle, Washington, and they saw this home and had a vision for it really wanted to, to make it light and bright. And as you notice miles, some of the ceilings are a little bit low. Some of the headers are maybe.

Miles Conway  (03:01):

For you, not for me.

Josh Shultz (03:03):

But you know, really the focus was to bring this home to life, brighten it up and make it really shine. And so this, this kitchen right here was sort of the heartbeat of the home heartbeat of the remodel. We gutted the walls down to the Adobe and started to piece it back together. So everything that you see here is pretty much new. And we did do we did one of the important things I think about a remodel is, is, is, is keeping some of what, some of the history of the home, some of the things that were actually original to, to the building, very important when Zachary and son’s approaches a, a remodel is what can we keep, you know, instead of throwing everything away. And,so we did keep the hardwood floors, what we did with the wood floors is we sanded them down and then stained them,with the custom stain finished.

Josh Shultz (03:58):

So it came out real, really pretty. And the homeowners were really high on really wanting that bright color. So white was a big, big color that we wanted to use in the kitchen. And so the white Carra countertops, the custom white cabinetry, and just started that open flow really, really brings  this kitchen to life. So yeah, we’re standing here in the master bedroom. Originally this room had some pretty dark walls , weren’t diamond plaster finished. And so what we did was we stripped down the walls to the Adobe and then refinished ’em with the diamond plaster smooth with a matte sealer on it. This fireplace was fully reconstructed and rebuilt and plastered as well. And just sticking with a theme of white and bright. This is the master bathroom. And originally it had been remodeled in the 1970’s, white and green tile, very dated.

Josh Shultz (05:07):

And we’re actually standing on a crawl space. And so there were some challenges as we began to tear up the tile from the bottom that we actually saw some somewhat structural things that were going on, that we had to address before remodeling and putting the pretty stuff in. And again, we gutted all the walls all the way down to the true Adobe and really just took the vision of the homeowners as they wanted to keep things, you know, continue with the theme white bright. And so we really worked hands on with the homeowners to design this bathroom together. So as you can see the pebble backsplash here in the master bathroom, really following the theme from the sink into, into the shower, really important to keep that cohesiveness, the homeowners really wanted to keep it simple but clean.

Josh Shultz (06:09):

And we accomplished that. And as you can see in the final product, yeah, this is probably the most true to the house room in this 1930 remodel by Zachary and Sons. We really wanted to keep this room special because we felt like the tile work was really truly art and dates back to when the home was built. And so what we did was we took all of the grout out. We freshened up the tile as much as we could , by really trying to bring it back to life. And we re-grouted it with a fresh white crisp color that really, you know enhances the style and theme of this bathroom. Artisans’ play had a big part in this bathroom, especially in the shower. We were able to find a tile that talavera tile that really matched very closely with it already existing.

Josh Shultz (07:09):

So, the shower is completely redone. And when we used the deck the same decoss we were able to save them and reuse them in the shower to really continue the theme and really impressed with the way that it, it came out and here in Santa Fe, we do have some of the, you know, world almost world renowned craftsmen that we’re able to really keep this home especially bathroom and really restore it back to its original form. So this is the area of the home that we really wanted to keep and use the materials that were here, that date back to the 1930s. And so the brick is original to the home. We didn’t wanna change anything in here, but we wanted to, you know, freshen it up. And so what we did was we put an acid wash on, on the brick, resealed it, and just really enhanced the color of the brick.

Josh Shultz (08:09):

So it, you really keep that old world feel, but with, you know, you know, bringing, bringing it back to life and, and such was the case with the Kiva fireplace. Again, we took that fireplace out, totally reconstructed it, re-plastered it and the walls, the walls too were stripped down to the Adobe with the diamond finish, and then the ceiling, as you can see is white. What we did is we,this is all true to the structure. We sanded down the beam, sanded to the T and G and we painted it, a color to really warm, warm the home up, along with the windows and the door.

Miles Conway  (08:55):

Thank you, Josh and Zachary and Sons for showing us around this really cool, very historic Santa Fe home and all the work you did in it. Thanks for having us out here.

Josh Shultz (09:06):

Thank you so much for having us too Miles. It really is a team philosophy here at Zachary and Sons. The homeowners we’re really gracious and, and they’re trusting in us and trusting the team and the family approach that we have at Zachary and Sons And so we are really blessed to be able to work on a home. You know, this is something when, when I think of a remodel or, or even building a home, it’s a really personal experience that you have with the homeowners. And we just really feel special to be a part of it. And I just want to thank everyone. The craftsmen that were involved in this project to really bring an old historic home, really, essentially back to life, a piece of art that really will stand for another hundred years. Right. So,

Miles Conway  (09:58):

And I do hear this, it, it, you know, in, in all of these visits to all these homes, it seems like the builders 99% of the time y’all become friends with the owners. I mean, it’s that intimate of a, of a experience, I think when you’re remodeling the home,

Josh Shultz (10:14):

You’re exactly right. I mean, the relationship that we have with this homeowner in particular is we have the keys to the house. We’re able to show it, we’re able to check in. And so we really still to this day have a, a really good relationship with them and just really thankful that we’re able to show this home off and the remodelers showcase for the Santa Fe area, home builders association. It means a lot to us and, and, and to our community. I’m sure too, so

Miles Conway  (10:44):

2021 remodelers showcase award

Right on. So folks, that’s where you can check out all of this work. May 15th is the awards for excellence in remodeling for this year’s 2021 and remodel or showcase. And I think the theme of this year, it certainly is about trust and relationships because that’s what the homeowners are getting. They’re getting a trusting relationship with their builder. They know that the craftsmanship and the work that’s executed is gonna be top notch. And everybody’s going to kind of manifest that vision for how they want their home to be in the end. Right? Yes, sir. Cool. Thanks for joining us. We will, well talk to you again, enjoy the whole remodeler, showcase all on Thanks for having us, Josh.

Josh Shultz (11:32):

Thank you.