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Santa Fe, NM custom living room builder

Don and Kim O’Sullivan

To Wayne Miller of Washington Federal Bank

Dear Mr. Miller,

My husband and I would like to take the time to express our satisfaction and acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of one of your preferred contractors, Mr. Zachary Shultz. Mr. Shultz provided us with top of the  line construction and created a beautiful finished product while helping to make our first home building experience a seamless experience while minimizing the problems. 

Zachary was with us from the beginning to the end, recommending everyone from the designer for the architectural drawings to every subcontractor in-between, and we are pleased with the high quality of craftsmanship and labor from the people he selected. He is a veteran whose knowledge and experience made all the difference and when we encountered problems we felt reassured that everything would be handled to our satisfaction. Our situation was unique in that our family was living in our home during a major renovation/addition with three small children therefore it was critical that the job site integrity was maintained in a safe and clean manner at all times. When issues arose that were not to our satisfaction, Zachary would find solutions that were amenable and kept us moving forward with the process.

Santa Fe, NM custom living room builder

Zachary was a pleasure to work with and when you spend as much time with your contractor as you do, it’s important to establish a good working relationship, and Zachary was a wonderful people skills that can handle a variety of personalities. We recommended him to our next door neighbors who also hired him to complete a major home renovation at the same time and they were equally satisfied.

In closing, we recommend Zachary Shultz without hesitation and please feel free to give our names as a reference.


Kind Regards,


Don and Kim O’Sullivan


Santa Fe, NM custom living room builder

Armondo Pondo & Coby Nichols

Zachary & Sons approached our project as if they were building their own personal home. Their attention to detail as well as their craftsmanship in a complex mountain build rendered an award winning home we couldn’t be happier with.


Steve Yanicak

I highly recommend Zachary Shultz Construction to any interested party desiring a highly quality home, he is one of the few building contractors who keeps in touch with his clients throughout the entire building process. Additionally, after the closing, he doesn't disappear into the night, Zachary maintains close correspondence with his clients to troubleshoot any concerns or unexpected problems that might arise with the homes he builds.


Duane Henry

We found Zach to be thoroughly professional and very accommodating in meeting our specific needs...Quite simply we don't hesitate at all to highly recommend Zach Shultz as a home builder.


Santa Fe, NM custom living room builder

Laura and Debbie

Zachary, thanks for being the most fabulous custom home builder in Santa Fe and building us the dream home we never knew we wanted. The evolution of the process was foreign but with your knowledge and guidance we survived the year! We will enjoy your craftsmanship for decades! Thanks for being so professional and easy to work with.


Deidre David and John Richetti

Zach Shultz is a first-rate builder: scrupulous in his choice of design and materials, attentive to every detail , and always willing to work closely with his clients whatever the price range of his product.


Dave DiSanto

My wife and I had been hunting for homes in Santa Fe for 3 years. In spite of seeing many beautiful homes, we were never able to find exactly what we wanted. Building a new home seemed much too daunting a task for us given that we had never done it before and we would be living in Illinois during the construction process. Luckily, while touring lots in Las Campanas, we met Josh and Aaron Shultz from Zachary and Sons.

We found a lot in Las Campanas that was perfect for our needs. Josh really guided us through the home building process from that point forward. In spite of living out of state during construction, we were completely informed and involved. The day to day oversight of our project was assigned to Kyle Noviello. Kyle, Josh and their office manager Merry were always attentive and kept us on task. They also provided key insights and identified a number of excellent design features that were very important to us. For example, knowing that mountain views were our main concern, Zachary's team helped us strategically place the home our lot to maximize the sight lines.

The workmanship is outstanding. It was clear to us the Zachary used the finest subcontractors. Josh and Kyle's attention to detail is very apparent. From our first meeting to today, we feel like we have a true partner. Zachary's follow up after the completion of the project has been excellent. We could not be happier with our experience.

Alex and Aaron Pratt

Zachary, Aaron and Co. Thank you for making us a lovely, fabulous house! We love it. Happy holidays and all the best for 2019!

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