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Adobe Home Builders

adobe home builders restoring a historic building in Santa Fe, NM off Delgado st.

Currently, Zachary and Sons is renovating a historic property on Delgado Street near the heart of Downtown Santa Fe, just off Canyon Road. It's a 1920s home, where we're actually gutting the home all the way down, stripping it all the way to its adobe.

So it's an amazing experience to see this adobe that was constructed a hundred years ago and still standing. And now maintaining its structure, maintaining its form and bringing it back to life, bringing it back to a form in which people can inhabit and live.

We're just excited to use several building materials in Santa Fe, including straw bale, adobe, and stick frame construction. Adobe home building materials such as these be used to build a traditional style home or elements are used in Santa Fe modern style homes. All in all, it provides a great composition, a great building material and is something that we take great pride in as builders.

adobe home builders renovating a historic remodel in Santa Fe, NM off Delgado st.

Historic Remodel

Loving the way this complete remodel in the heart of downtown Santa Fe on Delgado Street is coming along. It has certainly been a journey. The brick coping on the roof really provides an architectural ambiance to the historical 1920s residence. The custom doors reflect the artistry of Santa Fe’s craftsmanship. This will be a great historic Santa Fe luxury rental. View available Zachary and Sons downtown vacation rentals in Santa Fe, NM.

The windows are original and have been restored to new, a process that was not easy. The feeling of restoring a historical element of a home is part of what makes this project special us. Learn more about Adobe home building. Interested in learning more about new construction in Santa Fe, NM? has information about homebuilding as well as available homes currently in progress.  View past award winning finished homes as well as work in progress homes currently under contract

Adobe Home Building Photos

Historic Renovation Stripping Home to the Original Adobe Construction

Original Adobe Home

Historic Renovation Stripping Home to the Original Adobe Construction

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