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Adobe Home Building

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Adobe style construction in Santa Fe is a building material made from earth and organic materials. Adobe is actually Spanish for mud brick. The term used to refer to these kinds of earthen construction or various architectural style is like a Pueblo revival or territorial revival.

 About Adobe Home Building

Most adobe buildings are similar in appearance to a rammed earth style building popular in new construction. Adobe is one of the earliest building materials and is used throughout the world. They can be subsequently assembled with the application of a mud to a bond that usually involves straw. There’s really no standard size with adobe. It varies, which really gives it an organic look. It’s very strong and, in dry climates, adobe structures are extremely durable and account for some of the oldest existing buildings in the world.

One of the key elements that makes adobe special and a method that really is adaptable is some of the significant advantages due to the greater thermal mass, meaning that it really keeps the home cool in the summer, but also holds in the heat in the winter. Adobe style architecture is seen throughout many areas of Santa Fe, and is a building material that isn’t as common as it used to be, but the architectural style is still very, very popular.

Cost Per Square Foot to Build an Adobe Home

And so, many homes that Zachary and Sons built throughout the area of Santa Fe does have that adobe look. As lumber prices have increased and building materials have increased, insulation and other commodities, we’re starting to see adobe, the actual material, make a resurgence, almost like it’s coming back, which is really nice to see.

 Abobe Home Builders

Currently, Zachary and Sons is renovating a historic property on Delgado Street near the heart of Downtown Santa Fe, just off Canyon Road. It’s a 1920s home, where we’re actually gutting the home all the way down, stripping it all the way to its adobe. So it’s an amazing experience to see this adobe that was constructed a hundred years ago and still standing. And now maintaining its structure, maintaining its form and bringing it back to life, bringing it back to a form in which people can inhabit and live.

We’re just excited to use several building materials in Santa Fe, including straw bale, adobe, and stick frame construction. These building materials can be used to build a traditional style home or elements are used in Santa Fe modern style homes. All in all, it provides a great composition, a great building material and is something that we take great pride in as builders. Interested in learning more about new construction in Santa Fe, NM? has information about homebuilding as well as available homes currently in progress.  View past award winning finished homes as well as work in progress homes currently under contract.